Sri Lanka
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Autore:  Andrea Imperiale [ 11 gen 2018, 17:02 ]
Oggetto del messaggio:  Sri Lanka

Salve a tutti,
sto organizzando un viaggio in Sri Lanka. Sapete per caso se ci sono posti di orchidofilo interesse, tipo parchi naturali o orti botanici? :D

Autore:  Valdo [ 13 gen 2018, 15:42 ]
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Royal Botanical Gardens: Orto botanico più grande dello Sri Lanka (Peradeniya)

Autore:  Andrea Imperiale [ 13 gen 2018, 18:57 ]
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Quella tra parentesi è la località? Sai se è molto distante da Colombo?

Autore:  Valdo [ 14 gen 2018, 17:21 ]
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dista un centinaio di km da Colombo


Autore:  Andrea Imperiale [ 15 gen 2018, 14:35 ]
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Grazie mille!

Autore:  Giulio.f [ 16 gen 2018, 9:54 ]
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"The Sinharaja Forest Reserve
The best place to find wild orchids in their natural habitats would be the Sinharaja Forest Reserve. The rainforest is quite small comparatively at only around 21km by 7km, but it is densely packed with flora and fauna of various species. Sinharaja is a globally designated hotspot for its biodiversity as well as a World Heritage Site since 1988, and a World Biosphere Reserve since 1978. "

"The Horton Plains National Park
The Horton Plains, Ohiya is located on a southern plateau of the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka. It is covered in montane grasslands and cloud forest. The park is also the location for two major attractions of Sri Lanka; the World’s End and Baker’s Falls. Horton Plains also has a wonderfully diverse group of flora and fauna. These include many endemic species, quite a lot of which are endangered or threatened. The Horton Plains had over 16 endemic orchid varieties as well as as many other orchid species."

Autore:  Andrea Imperiale [ 16 gen 2018, 10:26 ]
Oggetto del messaggio:  Re: Sri Lanka


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